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Welcome to - the best place to find a new sofa and shop for a sofa online. We bring you the finest corner sofas, sofa beds, cheap sofas and much more from the top retailers on the internet.

Try our quick sofa finder tool on the left, look through the gallery below for ideas from our main sofa categories or browse the main menu to compare sofas prices and find your perfect sofa to buy online.

To save you visiting multiple websites, our site allows you to compare sofas from many suppliers all at once at the prices you specify. We have listed products from Darlings of Chelsea,, Multiyork Furniture, John Lewis, Laura Ashley and The Sofa Company all in one convenient place. Whether its just a sofa, a 3 piece suite, an armchair or a whole range of seating arrangements for your new home or office, our selection tool, guides and reviews are designed to make the whole process of choosing your dream furniture easier.

Speaking of guides, you can find links and reviews of sofas from our retailers in the menu at the top of the page. Our blog (also at the top) also contains interesting and informative posts about sofas and related topics.

Finding the perfect sofa can be a difficult task but with the help of our website you'll find the right style of sofa in the right colour and in the right material at the right price for your home, office or business premises. One of the distinct advantages of buying online is that the prices are very often considerably cheaper than in the shops. This is because of lower overheads and so on. If you are searching for even more of a bargain, check in on our page of special offers for discount codes and sofa sales - you could end up saving hundreds of pounds!

We have a fantastic range of large 4, 5 and 6 seater sofas, smaller 2 seaters and everything in between. You'll find Italian sofas, designer sofas and armchairs in different shapes and sizes to fit every kind of room. You will find sofa beds, corner sofas and reclining sofas in both leather and fabric in a whole variety of traditional and contemporary styles. Our range is simply huge, so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Sofa Beds and Corner Sofas - Popular Sofa Types

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Already know what type of sofa you want? Our 2 most popular sorts of sofa can be found in the category on corner sofas and the section on sofa beds. Each of the above categories has sub-sections where you can narrow your search further.

Use our other categories on the main menu to navigate around, compare our products and locate your perfect sofa. On each category page is a price chooser so you can set your budget exactly to what you need.

Choosing the right sofa for your needs is an important decision as it is something that gets used a lot and has to last a long time. This is why you will only find the best quality sofas included within our store from established, reputable retailers who also offer a high standard of service when it comes to buying a sofa online.

If not a sofa bed or corner unit, the second most popular type is a standard sofa, which are categorised according to 4 sizes: small 2 seater sofas, medium sofas (2 or 3 seats), large sofas (3 seaters) and extra large sofas.

Having the correct sofa in your home or office is important for both your physical and mental relaxation. The style and colour also say a lot about who you are and what type of lifestyle you value. For a large family living room, comfort and durability are paramount. For a new young family, something that is easily cleaned after the youngsters have been playing is certainly a factor. For an older couple, something traditional or stylish may be more appropriate. Apart from the living room, sofas and armchairs may be needed in other parts of the house and making the right choice is again important.

Finding the optimal sofa for the office or waiting room of your business is a crucial decision. What you give your customers and clients to sit on will say a lot about the way you conduct your business. In order to give the best impression you will need to choose carefully.

There are 2 materials that are used to cover most sofas and they are very different in looks, texture and feel. To get an idea of the differences, or if you already know what sort you want see the categories on leather sofas and fabric sofas.

If its just a special single seat for yourself or a loved one, see our category on armchairs which includes reclining chairs. We also have a page for accessories for the essentials like footstools, cushions and foot rests.

We hope you enjoy using our website to compare sofa prices online, choose 3 piece suites or an armchair and if you feel we can improve our store in any way let us know by using the contact us link via the main menu, we would love to hear from you.

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