A New Year and a New Sofa

Hello and thanks for stopping by. We hope all of our readers had an excellent Christmas holiday and are refreshed now that 2020 has started. Is this the year you decide that a brand new sofa is in order? If so then be sure to read the advice on our site. You’ll find information on choosing a colour for your sofa, different designs, brands and materials such as leather and fabric. One thing you can rely on is that our sofas are supplied by the very best online merchants in Australia. All of our sofas, armchairs and accessories are of the highest quality and come at very reasonable prices.

A New Year needs a New Sofa

So have you got a New Year’s resolution? Is it something you’d like to stop doing (like smoking) or something you would like to start doing (like getting fit)? These are usually the types of resolutions that people decide on. But one can always opt for something more unusual, like “this year I will do more for charity”, or “this year I will write a book” or even “this year I will go to a brand new country I have never been to before”. But for many people the New Year signifies a time to take stock of one’s life and invoke a bit of “out with the old, in with the new”. Especially with springtime on the way, the annual big clean of the home starts to materialise in our minds.

Signs that you need a New Sofa

Here are a few things to look out for if you are thinking that your sofa has seen better days. Firstly there are the obvious marks and stains such as chocolate, red wine, fruit juices and so on. They stand out like a sore thumb, and are virtually impossible to get rid of. There are also the more subtle signs of fading of the fabric’s colours and the fabric looks worn after many years of seating people’s bottoms. Loose stitching may also be a problem, so remember to get close up and examine all the upholstery in detail.

Aside from the cosmetic aspects mentioned above, the cushion filling may have lost firmness, springiness and shape, making the sofa uncomfortable to sit on. And most importantly – last but not least – check the sofa frame and joints. If it has become wobbly, creaky or split then signs are that quite soon you will need a new one – before it collapses!

You may want to think about the overall feel and style of your new sofa, check out this entry for some inspiration!

One final thing – after you have purchased your new sofa – don’t forget to check the old one. You never know what you might find down the back, like that missing necklace or even 20 bucks!