Corner Sofas

Super Corner Sofas!

On this page you can compare corner sofas from the best online retailers. There is little doubt that a good corner sofa (sometimes called “L-shaped sofas”) can transform almost any mediocre living room into a wonderful space of relaxation and communication. Ultra functional, flexible and with great looks, these sofas come in a wide array of colours and styles and are upholstered in leather or fabric. In fact, when it comes to watching family TV, curling up with good a book, cuddling up to watch a romantic comedy, taking an afternoon snooze or simply chilling out with friends a corner sofa is simply perfect.

On this page you can compare corner sofas from the best online retailers. There is little doubt that a good corner sofa (sometimes called “L-shaped sofas”) can transform almost any mediocre living room into a wonderful space of relaxation and communication. Ultra functional, flexible and with great looks, these sofas come in a wide array of colours and styles and are upholstered in leather or fabric. In fact, when it comes to watching family TV, curling up with good a book, cuddling up to watch a romantic comedy, taking an afternoon snooze or simply chilling out with friends a corner sofa is simply perfect.

By their very nature corner sofas form the focal point of any room. They give off a strong invitation that seems to say “Hey, come sit over here.” Because of the right angle in the sofa, conversation feels very natural, this is why these sofas feel so sociable. However because of their larger size – they are also great for lying down on. Hence the corner sofa is the most versatile type of seating you can buy. Add to this the fact that many can also be purchased as a sofa bed, you have a great piece of furniture. Add a couple of chairs and you then have an extra special 3 piece suite.

Choosing the right corner sofas for your living room

Well it may seem obvious but the first thing to do is get the tape measure out. Size matters as they say, the last thing we want is a sofa that doesn’t fit into our corner properly, or one that is too small. On the large side of things (big family) seating up to 6 or 7 people is easily achievable. Medium sized would be around 4 seats, ideal for the smaller family. Remember that many modern corner sofas are modular, so that sections can be added or taken away as required. You may also want to decide if you are going for a left-handed or right-handed set up.

Now onto the nitty gritty – are you going to go for leather or fabric upholstery? An important decision, these 2 materials are very different to sit on and have their own unique and distinctive appearance. See our pages on leather corner sofas and fabric corner sofas for ideas.

Next is colour, another absolutely crucial factor. Depending on your flair for interior design, how the rest of the room looks and so on, choosing the right colour can either be a walk in the park or an uphill struggle. Our page on choosing a sofa colour offers some hints.

Style and design have a particularly strong influence on how corner sofas feel (comfort level) and look (image). Some people prefer clean lines and angles, whilst others go for a more rounded and curvy look. It all comes down to personal preference and what feels right. Go with your instincts and you will make the correct decision.

Its also worth considering some space for a low table (such as a square coffee table) to go with the sofa. These types of accessories make a natural addition so they look great as well as providing added functionality. On the topic of accessories, don’t forget about cushions, footstools or an extra chaise for the end.

Cheap Corner Sofas

If you have been looking to buy a cheap corner sofa online from a trusted online retailer then you have landed on just the right page. We have some of the cheapest corner sofas available anywhere, but the retailers we feature do not compromise on quality or customer service. So you really can rest assured that a brand new bargain corner sofa can be found on in the size, upholstery, colour, style and price that you desire.

Discount corner sofas are usually sought by families on a budget, students, new home owners and so on. It’s worth taking some time analysing the different items available, all for less than 500 which is stunningly good value. Don’t forget that many of the sofas here actually cost much more in the shops – by buying online you can get a fantastic bargain – like a 1000 item for 499! Also, there may be cheap corner sofas on sale on our sale page – please go take a look to see if any voucher codes or special deals are currently available.

A variety of attractive colours such as brown, black, blue, cream and red are possible with low cost corner sofas. Just because we are on a limited budget does not mean we have to forgo looks and style. Remember that if you do not see the specific colour you want on the page, you can very often choose another one before check out when you visit the store.

Cheap Corner Sofas – Styles

When thinking about style, you will be presented with choices such as with arms or without. Modular corner sofas are available too, and these allow for many more possibilities. The different sofa materials that are used for cheap corner group sofas include: fabric, real leather, faux leather, part fabric part leather combination, leather effect.

In terms of a cheap fabric corner sofas for sale, we list the ranges from Nabru. This retailer is renowned for value and quality. Cheap corner real leather sofas are a little harder to come by, so consider faux leather, leather effect and leather/fabric combinations.

Size is very important! Obviously large corner sofas will tend to be more costly than small ones, but it is vital to get the right size fior your needs rather than simply buying the chepest item available. We have categories for small corner sofas and large corner sofas, so you can go to those pages and sort the items by price if you wish. Alternatively stay on this page and browse all the items which are not at all expensive

Large Corner Sofas

Large corner sofas are designed to seat several people, and as such will usually be in the 3 x 3, 3 x 4, 4 x 4  format. We also have extra large corner sofas in this category, which tend to be 4 x 5, 6 x 4 and upwards.

Reasons for Choosing a Large Corner Sofa

There are several reasons for buying a large corner sofa when you are furnishing a living room space or other area such as a conference room, waiting area and so on. Not only are you going to be able to seat more people on a larger sofa, but you can also open up the space in the event you have a smaller room by having only one large sofa, as opposed to a couch and love seat set. When choosing to buy a large corner sofa online, there are various styles, designs, and shapes, and there are also different material options. So, taking the time to compare a few sofas prior to choosing one to buy is going to be the best thing that can be done. You’ll end up choosing the right material quality, the right size, and the finest looking corner sofa, when the time comes for you to buy the new sofa for your home, and for the living room décor.

In comparing big corner sofas, depending on the décor in the room, and what style and feel you are going for, there is both fabric upholstery as well as leather. For those looking for something easy to manage, and something a bit more elegant, then leather is the option to go with. If you want something a little less in price, and something that will blend with the weather (when it is colder you can have a little more warmth), then you may want to consider going with a fabric or microfibre type of material when choosing the sofa.

Extra large corner sofas can make superb additions to any space. These are ideal for large families that love to lounge and spread themselves out watching TV etc. It is important to check the dimensions before buying online, just to ensure it will fit perfectly, but this is easily done.

Small Corner Sofas

The sheer variety of small corner sofas these days means that there are plenty to choose from and finding one you like at the right price should be fairly easy. Usually when looking at small corner sofas for small rooms we are considering that the size is a 2 seater, and that the “squares” are dimensions of 2 x 2 or 3 x 2.

Not just for little rooms, corner sofas for small spaces are needed for cosy bars, cocktail lounges, restaurant waiting areas and similar places where the corner needs filling up with seating.

Fabric Corner Sofas

In this category we have our excellent selection of fabric corner sofas available in the country. As well as being soft, comfy and cosy; these types of sofas are a great choice if leather is not your thing or you want to spend a little less money.
Having said that, some fabric corner sofas are very luxurious and not cheap, the designer or large items in particular. The good news is that the range on offer right here will suit all tastes and budgets.

With fabric you’ll have an amazing choice of different colours to choose from, plus the option of patterns (floral, stripes, polka dots and so on) if you so desire.

Try looking at the sofas from Nabru for the best value. They come in a great range of colours and sizes and you can design your own if you want to. They have modular corner sofas in fabric as well. Various styles are on offer with rounded arms, square arms or no arms at all.
If you looking to not spend too much, but want a quality, functional family sofa then definitely consider Nabru.
You can just go straight to the cheap corner sofas via the top menu.

Leather Corner Sofas

Nothing intensifies the beauty of a home like furniture. Choosing the right furniture however, demands a little bit of knowledge and creativity. If you do not have a natural flair for this type of thing – not to worry – just read on and hopefully we will help you decide on the best leather corner sofa for your needs.

Modern leather corner sofas are regarded as luxurious items and are a must-have for any lavish home, but there are other options for those a budget – see our page on cheap corner sofas. People who entertain guests in large numbers at home frequently are, however, more suited to large leather corner sofas.
For small families or couples who still want the look and feel but have a smaller space, then we do have many small leather corner sofas to choose from too.

Style and luxury is guaranteed with these types of sofas. Leather products, due to the recent advancements in manufacturing and technology, have become easily affordable for many people. The material is, without doubt one of the most attractive and alluring upholstery coverings used in furniture designing. Several different styles such as Italian leather corner sofas and designer brands, are a wonderful addition to a home and can enhance the overall appearance of your room spectacularly.

Benefits of Leather Corner Sofas

Leather, as a material, is highly durable and does not sustain damage easily. Sofas constructed using this material often last many years without losing their attractive appearance. Leather is also strongly resistant to stains. You can easily clean and sparkle your black leather corner sofa without going to any significant trouble, and the same applies to other colours such as brown, red, white and cream. While most fabrics start to appear unappealing with time, leather will get better with time if looked after well.

With countless styles and colours to choose from, people with unique tastes can also add these masterpieces to their living room. Corner sofas are, as the name suggests, designed to fit in the corner of a room. This allows you to utilize the rest of the room according to your desire and still manage to allocate a lot of sitting space for your guests. A corner sofa can effectively make your living room seem larger and more spacious. Leather corner sofas are extremely comfortable and offer a greater amount of space than traditional sofas. Even if your house does not host guests regularly, these sofas are extremely beneficial and deluxe. Nothing offers relaxation and comfort after a day’s hard work like a gargantuan leather corner sofa.

Any modern home is incomplete without quality furniture. Contemporary leather corner sofas are considered one of the best and most popular additions to a modern home today.

Regardless of what you end up choosing, when you want to buy new large corner sofas for your home’s living room or family room area, making sure you compare a few sofas, the price, and the material qualities prior to buying, you will end up picking the best quality, and something that goes well in any home.