Did You Know This About Sofas?

Our first post since the new year entry, and its a short but interesting one about sofas!
Sofas are in reality useful in an unexpected and strange fashion. You almost certainly have never contemplated this prior to reading this post, but sofas help you find missing things! Exactly how is that you might ask yourself. Well, have you ever lost your car keys, some cash, your favourite pen or perhaps your mobile phone? Where was one of the places you looked first? That is correct – down the back of the sofa! Furthermore, when you do take off the cushions for a bit of spring cleaning you tend to come across all kinds of things you never suspected you lost!
One wierd fact about sofas

If you ever need a bit of change try looking down the back of your sofa, more often than not there will be a quid or two lurking down there. An interesting and novel aspect to your sofa don’t you think?
What’s the strangest thing you have ever found down the back of your sofa? Leave a comment and share with us – but clean ones only please – this is a family site!
Keep checking back to our sofa blog, the next post will be about our excellent brand new sofa video!