Fabric Sofas

These types of sofas are upholstered from material other then leather. In this section you will find many different fabric sofas in all sort of shapes, sizes and colours. With everything from a small 2 seater through to sofabeds and on to large 5 seater corner units you should have no problem finding precisely the sofa you are looking for.
We offer products exclusively from the most trusted online retailers in the country, who put quality and service first.
The first step in choosing a sofa is the upholstery material, and you have decided already on fabric – an excellent choice! The next step is to choose a colour which is often much easier said than done!
The main function of a sofa of course is for sitting and relaxing on. But there is a bit more to it than that. People like to socialize and have friends and family and guests over to stay. If you don’t have a spare room, or you have many people staying, your sofa may also serve as a bed. In which case you’ll want a purpose made sofa bed. Location-wise most people spend their time in the living room but sofas can also be for a hallway or study. Size matters as they say, and a large sofa, say a 4 or 5 seater is usually best for the living room (plus a couple of chairs to make a 3 piece suite) whilst a smaller 2 seater is usually better placed in the hallway.
On the other hand the fabric sofa could be destined for your business premises or work place. The reception area, is the most common spot for a sofa for obvious reasons. But also what about if you own a nightclub or bar? You would want your clientele to feel relaxed with their cocktails. When you think about it, wherever human beings go they invariably want somewhere to sit down. Spend a little effort to consider what the sofa is for, how often it will get used and so on. The time spent will ensure you make the right decision later on.

Fabric Sofas – Advice on Colour

Since the sofa is often the largest item in the room it pays to consider the colour for a while. With fabric, a large selection of colours is possible. If you get stuck, start with dark or light colours, then try to narrow it down. You could also try a process of elimination – decide which colours you definitely don’t want and proceed from there.  There is more helpful advice on our page on choosing a colour for you sofa.
So when you have a good about idea what colour is going to work, you need to decide what style or design you want. This aspect is sometimes overlooked, but is important as it affects the overall feel of a room.  Nowadays sofas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you’ll probably want to scan through many to get an overall sense of the different forms.  Fabric sofas can vary in seat depth, back height, armrest size and shape, leg length and in a variety of other ways.
On this page you’ll find all the fabric sofas to buy online on our website.  See the top sub-menu far access to designer, contemporary and traditional  fabric sofas

Contemporary Fabric Sofas

From the best online retailers we bring you a superb selection of great contemporary fabric sofas. The choice in this range includes sofas in many different sizes and styles. Whether you are buying furniture for a new home or replacing/updating your existing units if its a contemporary fabric sofa that you need then you are sure to find it right here.

Contemporary Fabric Sofas – Defined

But first of all, what do we mean by the word “contemporary.” Well it literally means of the time, in other words up do date or fashionable. This style of sofa is aesthetically appealing to the eye, cosmopolitan and modern looking. A brand new house or recently refurbished one would probably do well with contemporary furniture. As well as the home, sofas are important for reception rooms and waiting areas (you wouldn’t want your guests and clients to stand around whilst they wait). Having a good looking, of the moment sofa will work wonders for your credibility and image.

Do you need something big? We have excellent large and extra large corner units available. The highest quality fabrics are used and features include fully reversible seats and zip-down backs. One of the added benefits of fabric sofas is that the cushion covers can be fully removable and washable. If you have young children or pets then you know what we taking about! Even so, grown-ups are prone to occasional mishaps so being able to take care of that spilled cup of coffee can be a godsend.

With the technology that the modern textile and chemical industries command, comes the amazing flexibility of fabric. Colourings in particular are available in a huge range. If you see your dream sofa but want it in just that tiniest shade of lighter red, you can have it. These days we literally are spoilt for choice!

We are positive that whatever contemporary fabric sofa you decide on buying here, you are sure to be deeply satisfied with the product of your choice.

As with most things, the high quality items will cost more, but the benefits are greater. The main advantage is quality, and this means the sofa will last a lot longer.

Designer Fabric Sofas

This page contains all you need to know about the brilliant designer fabric sofas we have available. The sofas in this category are simply stunning and built to the highest standards of quality.
A designer sofa (like designer jeans, sunglasses or handbags) simply means that it has been made to the specifications of a professional in the industry. Of course everything man made is designed to some extent, even cheap flat pack furniture made in Asia. But when we say designer on this page it means something special. So if you buy one these products are you are buying something that has been created by a sofa expert. These people know what works best in terms of fashion, shape, form and context.
Lets take a closer look at the different designer fabric sofas that you can purchase online from this page on our website. You can spot a designer sofa when the description or name of it has someone’s name to it. In a similar way to perfumes for example – they are called “such and such by such and such”. Not all designer sofas have this but many do. We also include in this section exclusive coverings such as those in Designers Guild Fabric.
Unique Features of Designer Fabric Sofas

Designer sofas often have features that are completely unique or unusual. This gives the product its exclusivity and individuality. Some shapes are are very distinctive and eye catching. Its not just the looks however, that designer sofas are famous for. Its the choice of fabric and colour too. The thing to remember is that you are purchasing a high quality item where all the different factors of design come into play and are thought about carefully.
Fabric designer sofas come in a range of sizes to suit all sorts of needs. Be it a small one for the home study or a latrger corner sofa for the living room. Designer fabric sofa beds are available too, as are reclining chairs and even designer foot rests can be had if required. But the choices do not end there. Lots of our products have a variety of armrests to select from, making your job of getting things exactly how you want them even easier.
Many of our fabric sofas are modular – that is you can buy the various sections you need to build your perfect sofa. Remember that Italian Leather Sofas are also some of the best looking sofas with a designer look and feel available.
Quality design and handmade – that is true for almost every single item on oiur website, where we bring you the best products from leading online retailers. Happy sofa hunting!

Large Fabric Sofas

A large fabric sofa is perfect for a modern busy family, combine it with a couple of armchairs and cushions and a footrest and you have an ideal environment for watching TV, playing games and just sitting around chatting. In addition to that, a large comfortable sofa made with fabric coverings is great to take a nap on, or lounge on whilst reading a book.
Large Fabric Sofas – Styles
Many fabric sofas have removable covers which makes washing them and keeping your sofa clean much easier. The modern 3 seater sofa comes in many forms, so it can take a while to sift through the various options. Choosing a colour is often a fairly lengthy task, so seeour guide for more informationon that topic. As far as styles go, you can go for traditional/classic which have scrolled arms and curved backs with short wooden legs or feet. Or modern/contemporary which have a more simple and clean look to them. Then there are the designer fabric sofas, which are discussed in more detail in their own category.

One of the distinctive features of sofas is the arm height. Tall tends to a more traditional look, whereas short is decidedly modern. Many sofas are a combination of styles, some with a retro feel and some with modern twists on classic designs.
Price is another factor, fortunately, 3 seater fabric sofas can be found for relatively low amounts of money. So if its a cheap large fabric sofa you want check out thesale pageto see if there are any bargains to be had. Also check out the sofas from Nabru, who tend to offer some of the best valued options available in the country.
Large fabric sofas tend to have 2 cushion seats – and thus ideally will seat 2 people with ease. Although 3 people can be fitted in, most people never want to sit on the “gap” between the cushions. Therefore please make sure that a 3 seater is actually big enough for your needs. If it is not then you’ll need to be buying an extra large sofa for 4 or more people.
Want to look at large leather sofas too? Click here.
One final factor when looking at sofas – how tall are you? Sofas for tall people tend to be nice and deep to accommodate their long legs!

We offer a variety of excellent medium fabric sofas in various designs, styles and colors. Our wide range of fabric sofas can suit your pocket, tastes and personal preferences.
We give unlimited upholstery preferences to our customers as fabrics are normally machine woven. Our woven patterns fall into three main categories; – Simple, One Color pattern: Here the material is of one color. Most popular color sheds are ivory, cream and white. Other sheds like blues and reds; slate and darker tones of grey are also popular. – Simple Geometric Pattern: This contains fabrics with horizontal or vertical geometric patterns with stripes. – Complex Patterns: This third type has more complex patterns that mainly revolve around floral designs.
More on Medium Fabric Sofas
We also offer medium fabric sofas with your own fabric. While making a selection for a medium sofa, you need to decide whether you wish to have a single seat cushion or a double one. Although, there is not much real difference in terms of utility or comfort, people have their own personal choice. The single cushion type sofas look modern. They look sleeker and cleaner. On the other end, the two-cushion type sofas are more traditional and look classical.

Many times you will have guests at your place for stay over and so while looking for sofas; you should also consider looking at the ever admired medium fabric sofa beds. They look just great and are available at affordable prices. You can choose one from the medium fabric corner sofas. If you are a bargain hunter, we offer sofas even for less than 300 and so don’t forget to check them out. We also offer special discounts from time to time on our various items that help you save money; and so look at our Sale Page for voucher codes.
If you are still undecided or want to explore various other varieties offered by us, then look at our collection of medium leather sofas for more ideas. We have one full page on this category for you to choose from. In case you are still stuck for any reason, visit our blog posts before you make your final decision.
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Small Fabric Sofas

This page is where you can compare our excellent range of small fabric sofas. We have a variety of items that will suit any budget, in a range of colours, designs and styles to match your preferences and tastes.

Because fabrics are woven (usually by machines), the possible upholstery choices are almost unlimited. However, the patterns tend to fall into 3 broad categories. The first is the most simple, where the material is one colour. Popular choices include various shades of cream, ivory and white; along with reds and blues; plus darker tones of grey and slate. Secondly, there are simple geometric patterns such as stripes which could be horizontal or vertical. Thirdly there are more complex patterns which tend to revolve around floral designs. Some of our online retailers will also allow some sofas to be constructed in your very own material.

One aspect to think about as you make your choices is whether you want a single seat cushion or 2. Its entirely a matter of personal preference, as there is no real difference in comfort or utility. The single cushion styles tend to have a cleaner, sleeker look, so are rather modern in taste. The 2 cushion varieties lend themselves to a more classic, traditional feel.

Small Fabric Sofas – Retailers

John Lewis is famous for its 2 seater fabric sofas, but don’t forget Laura Ashley or Nabru. The main menu link will take you to the main 2 seater sofa page should you wish to go there.

The ever popular small fabric sofa bed is also worth considering, as many people will often have guests over to stay. A variation on this theme is the small fabric corner sofa, of which we have many to choose from in that category. Bargain hunters – many of our small fabric sofas can be had for less than 500 – check out that category, plus remember to stop by at the Sale page to see of there are any special discounts or voucher codes that will give you even further savings.

Having perused the fabric sofas on this page, you may still be undecided. After all, leather is also an excellent covering so take a look at our small leather sofas page for more inspiration if you fancy. If you are still stuck for ideas or just enjoying our site, then try reading some our blog posts which contain reviews on small sofas.

Traditional Fabric Sofas

The kind of design features one might find in traditional fabric sofas are unique leg features and outwardly curving armrests. The back tends to be higher than the arms also and tends to be straight (but can be curved also).

In this category we have listed all of our excellent traditional fabric sofas. This type might needed for when you need a more timely classical design to benefit any setting where a more mature and sophisticated look is required.

These sofas are luxurious indeed, deeply comfortable, appealing and manufactured from materials of the highest quality. Most are available in a range of sizes from 2-seaters up to 4, come with a choice of scatter cushion fillings (feather or high density reflex foam for example) and of course a wide variety of colours. Accessories such as matching footstools are also purchasable.

Often thought of as an exclusively leather sofa, the Chesterfield is also available as a fabric sofa for that super traditional look.

Remember traditional doesn’t mean old fashioned! Far from it, modern traditional sofas look chic and classy. The term “traditional” is simply used to designate certain features of sofas mentioned above, such as the shape of the arm rests for example.

The Styles of Traditional Fabric Sofas

Take a look at some of the sofas in this section and you’ll see that rather than being outdated, they are actually elegant, and gentle on the eyes. These types of sofas are perfect for the conservatory, where one might go to read a book. They also work very well in a guest room or hallway. Overall they are best suited for when one needs a good looking sofa or suite that is not the centre of attention on the room.

The frames of some of these sofas are handmade from renewable European beach wood. They are constructed with hundreds of dowels for additional strength, heavy duty pins and wood glue. Thus kind of pure craftsmanship results in furniture that simply lasts and lasts. Most sofas are by their very nature a heavily used item, so being able to withstand all of those human beings sitting and lying down is paramount.

Supplied by only the top online retailers, our traditional fabric sofas make a fine (and refined) addition to any home or space.