History of the Sofa

Can you imagine a living room without a sofa? I can’t! A sofa is the central figure in your living room. You sit on the sofa to relax, unwind and be comfy. You turn on the TV or watch a movie or even just listen to your favourite music while eating pizza or popcorn while you are lazily lounging on your sofa. A sofa is your comfort zone. On the other hand, this is where you also welcome and entertain house guests, where hearty conversations take place. Your sofa is a witness to many of your life’s milestones – yes, it only a piece of furniture but it has become your refuge to all the heartbreaks and tears as well as to all the celebrations and victories of your life. This article is about a brief history of the sofa, we hope you enjoy it.

A sofa, couch or settee is just a piece of furniture but it has deeper value than just its aesthetic beauty and functionality (at least, that’s how I see my sofa). Today, take a quick journey with me to travel back in time and see where it all began…
Early Records
The first account of sofas in the history books was found in Egypt around 2000 BC. A sofa was originally intended to sit Pharaohs and royalties and was designed with utmost luxury. In the same way, the Romans also associate sofas with elegant living and lavish lifestyle with the use of lounging chairs and chic stone benches.
Terminology in the History of the Sofa
Sofa came from an Arabic word, “suffah” which means bench. The dictionary defines it as “a long upholstered seat usually with arms and a back and often convertible into a bed.” It is a piece of furniture used for seating as well as lounging. It was originally designed to seat two or more people. There are different types of sofas – loveseat (small 2 seater), sectional or corner sofa (has multiple sections) and sofa beds or day beds – these are just the most common types.

A sofa is also synonymous to a couch and settee among others. A couch has similar meaning, “an article of furniture for sitting or reclining”, which was first used in 14th century. A settee is also defined as, “a long seat with a back.” Without a doubt, sofas had gone a long way but until the present it is still serving its original purpose.
The Evolving Sofa
With the advancement of architecture and design, the innovations in couches also evolved to adapt to the changes in lifestyle. It was during this time that sofas became a decorative tool in people’s homes. It was not for long, that functionality became the focal point in designing and creating couches. It was also during this time that it was made available to the working middle class.
This piece of furniture still continues to evolve until this very day to cope with the changing needs of this generation. Today, sofas are a fusion of functionality and beauty. It comes in different forms, sizes, colours and designs. Its prices too can be pretty decent but can be very expensive. Just pick whatever suits you and your wallet.

A sofa, these days, is not just mere furniture or work of art but it a testament of our lives – our journey of reaching certain level of stability, well-being and comfort. Also, a sofa is usually put at the centre to remind us that it is perfectly all right to sit, back and relax and enjoy life and take a break from the daily toils of life.
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