Large Sofas

This is the compare large sofas section – welcome! When deciding upon a 3 seater sofa, the first considerations are usually is to decide between leather or fabric. Leather is easy to clean, resilient, always in vogue and opulent. It looks great in a traditional styles and in contemporary formats. Leather is timeless in many ways and always a terrific choice for any sofa. Click here for large leather sofas.
If leather is not for you, fabric sofas are comfy, cosy and warm. They are also fairly simple to clean with easily-removed reversible covers. The latest microfibre fabrics are incredibly durable not to mention made to withstand wear and tear of busy families. Fabric can be applied to either classic or more modern contemporary designs. It really boils down to the tastes of the individual. Large fabric sofas are here.
In this category is our wonderful range of large 3 seater and 3.5 seater sofas. These sofas are probably the most standard size for a family sofa, as part of a new 3 piece suite or simply a larger set of home furniture. We have a fabulous selection to look through, and all are produced by top online retailers.
Aspects of Choosing Large Sofas

Perhaps the upholstery is not quite so important for you, but the design is. There are several other elements that go into a 3 seater sofa. There is the frame (wood or metal), arms (curved, round, square or none), legs (long, short. square, round), or feet. What sort of seat do you prefer and how high should the back be? These aspects unite to present your 3 seater’s general impression and overall form. These factors establish if the sofa is contemporary for example, or retro, traditional, Italian, designer etcetera. Whatever your goals and personal preferences are, it is possible to narrow your selections to a shortlist.
Of course color selection is important too. Brown, black, white and cream all work well, as does grey and red. Other colours are available to fit your taste. You can get some more ideas about colour from our article about sofa colorings.
3 seater reclining sofas are perfect for relaxing and putting your feet up while you’re watching TV. 3 seater sofa beds undoubtedly are an excellent option should you have guests staying overnight. The 3.5 seater is often used as a standard size for sofa beds also. If 3 isn’t big enough for you needs go to the section on our range of extra-large sofas.
Cost is another issue. Our range has prices to accommodate all wallets and purses. Please use the price buttons at the top of the page to focus your search. You will also find categories on cheap sofas, and voucher codes on the sale page.

Extra Large Sofas

In this category you can compare extra large sofas. Sometimes you just need to think big. If you have a large family, or a large space such as a reception room, waiting area, hallway, restaurant or bar then you might be needing an extra large sofa. Here in this category will find 4 seater sofas, 5 seater sofas and 6 seater sofas, all supplied by the very best online retailers.

A large sofa will of course cost more than one of its smaller counterparts, so it’s a considerable investment and a decision worth thinking about carefully. You can focus your search on this page by using the price range chooser form at the top. A large sofa will also take up more room, obviously. So it will tend to dominate the local environment that it is in. This is another reason to look at all of your options in terms of design, colour and style.

Extra Large Sofas – Examples

Extra large sofas come in many designs and the one to choose depends on what you want to achieve for the space you have. If you want a modern looking sofa then a contemporary style is the clear choice. The Italian Leather Dario Sofa with its clean, clear lines and elegant shape is an excellent example, and comes with 4 or 5 seats. Another gorgeous Italian Leather Sofa is the Romano, crisp and smooth, the 4 seater has 2 reclining seats for added luxury. Consider also The Verdi, another excellent Italian reclining 4 seater sofa in leather.

Smart and neat looking, The Knightsbridge is a superb example of a contemporary large leather sofa. It goes all the way up to as a massive 6 seater which has more than enough room to spread out and take a perfect afternoon nap. Our other contemporary leather sofas in the large department include The Camden, The Sloane and the highly unique and distinctive Gatsby.

If you decide against leather, the other choice for contemporary large sofas is in fabric upholstery. The beautiful Carla fabric 4 seater or 5 seater is an ideal choice for any modern home. The Marina, Hastings and Lauren are also fantastic examples of the up to date styles available in fabric for those needing extra seats.

But what about a large traditional design of sofa? In leather there is of course The Chesterfield, and there are several superb 4 seater options including The Dickens, Bronte and Spencer. If its not a Chesterfield you are after then take a look at the 4 seater Chelsea, Byron or Henley sofas in leather for different traditional styles. The Henley comes in fabric too and The Mayfair is another traditional design available with 4 seats.

As you can see we have a great choice of large sofas, including 4 seaters, 5 seaters and 6 seaters. Remember to check the precise measurements of the sofa you intend to buy online to be sure that it fits the space you intend it for. If you are looking for something extra special then you might be interested in our Top of the Range Sofas. If its something smaller you need then please see our pages on 2 seater sofas and 3 seater sofas.