Leather Sofas

On this page you can compare leather sofas in a huge range of colours, designs and styles. With so many to choose from we are confident that you will find just what you need right here.
All of our leather sofas are supplied by the best online retailers where quality and customer service are paramount. Our suppliers use only the finest quality hides in the construction of their furniture. The frames are made from 100% hard woods such as beach or birch.
Now that you have decided on a leather sofa, the next steps are to think about purpose, colour, style & design. Size is also an option to consider, do you need a 2 seater sofa, a 3 seater or larger?
What is your new sofa for? The living room, hallway, study or somewhere else? If so how big is your family – do you need a 3 piece suite and do you want the option of converting it into a bed for your guests? You might be thinking of a corner unit with chaise or footstools. A reclining leather sofa might be on your mind if you like sitting back and watching your favourite shows on TV.
Alternatively the leather sofa may be for your business or place of work. It might be for your reception, gymnasium or bar. Basically wherever there are people, they usually need seats! Take some time to think about what the sofa is really for.
Next of course is colour – very important! Traditionally, various shades of brown are used, since this is leather’s most natural look. However, black leather sofas are also very stylish, and if you really want to make a statement, red. With dye technology leather can come in a variety of colours so the choices are almost endless. If you are unsure about what colour of leather sofa to go for try looking at our article on the colours of sofas.
Colour and Style of Leather Sofas

Now that we have considered what the sofa is for and what colour might suit best, we need to think about shape and form. The style and design of a piece of furniture says a lot. You may be thinking along the lines of a more traditional brand like the Chesterfield. You may be wanting deep seats, high backs and large armrests. Or perhaps minimalist is more your style, with no armrests at all. Some sofas can be round and curvy whilst others are more angular and square. How to choose is not that easy, it comes down to individual tastes, what the room is like and sometimes what image you wish top project to the rest of world, or your clients.
This page contains all the leather sofas that you may wish to browse through. For your convenience we have sub-divided the category and the menu can be accessed at the top. On the menu you will find contemporary leather sofas, Italian sofas and traditional sofas.

Contemporary Leather Sofas

You are certainly on the right page for comparing and deciding on the best contemporary leather sofas around. We have many fantastic items to choose from, and every single one of them comes from a supplier who puts quality and customer service at the top of their list.
In this section you will find contemporary leather sofas ranging in size from 2 or 3 seaters all the way up to larger corner units. All sofas in this range are truly excellent, modern and stylish designs. There are a few things to bear in mind that might help you as you go about the task of making your decision. Please scroll down to continue.
If you are not quite sure what sort of leather sofas fall into the category of contemporary then read on. Contemporary basically means up do date, of the time or fashionable. Most sofas of this type are stylish, elegant, sophisticated and cultured. So if you have a newish home that has modern decor or you are planning on one, then you are probably after these latest styles of sofas. Alternatively you might be buying a new seating arrangement for your reception area or waiting room, in which case you may well want a contemporary leather sofa to give the room a modern feel. If you own a trendy bar or restaurant and want to deck it out to impress your customers and make them feel special then you definitely want a contemporary sofa.
You can use the radio buttons to determine exactly what price range you want to browse. Focus on value for money – that is the quality of the product compared to the actual cost. A quality item will last a lot longer than a cheap one, but once you have a budget in mind try to stay within it.  
Features of Contemporary Leather Sofas

So what kinds of sofas come recommended to give your living room that extra special contemporary look? Below we have outlined the features,  qualities and benefits of just a few of the contemporary leather sofas that are available on our website.
If its a larger unit you need, try looking at the Belgravia Leather Corner  Sofa. It is handmade using either beach wood or birch wood on all the main  supporting frames. The highest quality leathers are used and the cushions  are filled with high density reflex foam encased in a small fibre wrap.  This provides comfort that supports but doesn’t lose shape.
In terms of a 3 seater, consider The Canterbury. Its modern look it  combined with a classical twist (scrolled arms and hand studding) which  makes a truly unique piece of furniture.
A compact 2 seater, ideal for that smaller space would be The Byron. Its classic arms and deep seats make it ideal for relaxing with a  friend or a book.

Italian Leather Sofas

When it comes to elegance in style and looks, nothing comes close to a genuine Italian leather sofa. You only have to see one to recognise the unique way they are made and the thought that goes into their construction. Italy is synonymous with chic, fashion and class. From clothes to cars most of us cannot deny the sophistication of Italian design. The same is true for Italian furniture. A brief scan over the sofas in this section will show you that straight away!
We have an exquisite collection of leather sofas in Italian styles and designs for you to choose from and then buy online. Chosen for their softness and durability, carefully selected fine Italian hides are used in their construction. The frames are made from the highest quality hard woods.
The sofas in this section are in our Italia range and it includes a wide variety of brands. They come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit pretty much any possible situation that comes to mind.
Italian Leather Sofas – The Ultimate in Chic

An Italian leather sofa has the ability to transform any space into a luxurious area of peaceful relaxation. The usual spot is of course the living room, the main factor to consider will be colour. All Italian sofas look gorgeous, but making sure you get the right tone will help you make the perfect choice. Will you go for white, black or something in-between? If you come to the conclusion that leather is not what you want, but you still want the best in style, then try our page on designer fabric sofas.
Whether you are thinking of making a room into a home cinema, looking for a stylish sofa bed, wanting new seating in a waiting area for customers or for when you need to sit back and relax in front of the TV we have a sofa to fit the bill perfectly.
Excellence in design has been an Italian tradition for centuries, the skills and know how has been passed down from generation to generation. Italy is a world trend setter, what comes out of Italy sets the way for others to follow. How Italian designers achieve this amazing feat is something of a mystery. One thing for sure is that an Italian sofa makes an excellent addition to any home, office or space.

Large Leather Sofas

The large leather sofa is ideally suited to sitting 2 adults comfortably or 3 for nice and cosy. Available in many different types and colours, modern leathers are made to stand the test of time. Durable, long lasting, easily cleaned and luxurious to sit (or lie down) on, the large leather sofa makes an excellent addition to any space. Depending on what your needs are, a big sofa will form the centre of a 3 piece suite (such as in a living room); stand alone as the focus of a room (like in a conservatory, or home cinema), or blend in to the surroundings (as in a bar or waiting area). If you are seriously into gaming with your friends, then your perfect sofa is likely to be right here on this page!

Types of Large Leather Sofas

To make a bold statement try a 3 seater black leather sofa – this will draw the eyes in like a magnet if placed in a dominant position. But with reds and browns added in the way of rugs and cushions it can be made to fit into an earthy scheme. If you dare, mix it up with white! For a more traditional image go for a big brown leather sofa. The ultra classic is of course a large chesterfield – these sofas themselves come in a wide variety of formats, which you can check out in the category on traditional leather sofas. If you are wanting class, elegance and style then seriously think about a large Italian leather sofa in white. Its clean lines and fresh appeal will impress all but the most aesthetically challenged of people!

If you are bargain hunting for a cheap 3 seater leather sofa, yet still constructed with the utmost care and quality, go to the section on cheap sofas. Our online retailers are well known for value for money furniture and have a fantastic range of leather and faux leather large sofas.

In general a 3 seater should suffice for most needs, but if you are also considering an extra large leather sofa then you’ll be wanting to look at that section. We also have special categories for large leather sofa beds and recliners.

If you have already determined that leather is the covering you need, then stay on this page! However, if the possibility of fabric is on the agenda then hop on over to this page for a look at our large fabric sofas.

Medium Leather Sofas

Are you looking for medium leather sofas that are available in the country? Then this is the place for you, as in this category, you will have an opportunity to compare the best up-to-date medium leather sofas for medium rooms and also have a chance to make brilliant selection here.
Medium leather sofas are available in a variety of colours which include black, brown, white and red. If you want a 3 seater black leather sofa you can easily find the best from known and trusted online retailers and if you love Italian style white leather seats then look no further.
Why go for leather seating? Leather sofas are stylish, durable and easy to clean and they can be set in any room with for example a bathroom, a hallway, alcove or conservatory. They are also ideal for medium sized waiting rooms. On top of that they are comfortable and they are long lasting before they need to be replaced.
The only thing to look out for here are the dimensions of the room and the seats. This is because you definitely need some space for mobility within your room. Therefore it is very important to get the right size with the space of your room in mind. There are retailers who allow their clients and customers to make specifications on the designs they want.

For low cost leather you can go for faux leather. It feels and looks just like real leather, durable and costs less. But if you can for the real thing then just buy real leather and you will be surprised how affordable it can be.
A Closer Look at Medium Leather Sofas
Our 3 seater medium leather sofas come in a number of styles ranging from classic to traditional and contemporary to designer. All you need to do is to add some cushions, a foot stool and throws and you will be amazed to how elegant and stylish your living room will be. Some medium leather sofas are also available as a sofa bed just in case you have guests.
Among the best luxury inventions in the recent years is definitely the reclining sofa. It gives you the best relaxation especially if you are watching TV. All you will need is to have a remote in your hand and enjoy the comfort from your seat.
Microfiber is a substitute for leather. To make a good choice on the best medium fabric sofas you are advised to take a keen look at this page and you will have a clear view of what you really want. The fabric is soft and smooth and can be easily cleaned. On top of that you can easily remove dirt and dust from such seats. You can easily identify dirt from a distance but you should avoid cleaning them with water as it destroys the microfiber.
You can also see all of the medium fabric sofas in our database if you would like.

Small Leather Sofas

In this category you can compare the best modern small leather sofas available in the country.
If you are on a budget then we have an excellent variety of cheap small leather sofas, or if you are
looking for extra small leather sofas for small rooms then look no further as we have a brilliant selection
right here.

Small 2 seater leather sofas come in a wide variety of colours, the most common choices
being brown, black, red and white. Indeed, in this section you’ll find 2 seater brown leather sofas
from the best known retailers including Multiyork Furniture. If you are after an Italian style white
leather 2 seater sofa, consider looking at the superb range on offer from Darlings of Chelsea. You can go
to the main 2 seater small sofa page here.

What is Good About Leather? As we discuss on our page about leather sofas, leather is easy to clean, very durable and looks
great in just about any setting you can imagine. You might want this type of furniture for a room of limited size, such
as if you have just moved into a new flat, but equally for somewhere like a hallway, bathroom, conservatory or alcove in
a larger space. Another example is that a small red leather sofa might be ideal for a small waiting room. Its colourful,
comfy to sit on and can take years of wear and tear before it needs replacing.

Extra Small Leather Sofas for Small Rooms The main factor to be aware of here is dimensions. You obviously need to be able to walk around
your room, so its important to get the size right. Get out a tape measure and check the height, width and length of
the space you want a sofa for. Remember to include people in the measurements – they tend to have legs that
stick out and take up room! Take into account armchairs if you are setting up a small leather suite. Some retailers
allow you to design your sofa to the exact specificatioons you want – see Nabru in this regard.

Cheap Small Leather Sofas

You can always go for faux leather if you need something at low cost. It will cost less,
but has a similar look, feel and durability to real leather. However, if you possibly can go for the real
thing, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable they can be – try Made.com or The Sofa
Company for choices. Remember to check out the Sale page for specific special offers from our various
online retailers and see the under 300 cheap sofas category too.

Modern Small Leather Sofas. Our great
range of stylish 2 seaters upholstered in leather can be of classic and traditional styles, contemporary
and designer. Add a couple of cushions, throws and a footstool and you’ll have a lovely set up that
brings class to your treasured living space. Many leather 2 seaters are available in a sofa bed format for
the occasional guest.

Without doubt one of the ultimate luxury inventions of modern times is the
reclining sofa. Especially for watching TV with remote in hand, a 2 seater leather reclining sofa is
relaxation perfected!

Traditional Leather Sofas

The unmistakably classic traditional leather sofa is the Chesterfield. Characterized by deep set buttons and a robust sturdy appearance, this timeless design is the epitome of sofa making heritage. There is something reassuring about this sofa style: it is solid, dependable and built to last. Combined with the fact that they are easily maintained and cleaned and above all else, comfortable to sit on – this design will never fade away.
But what exactly makes a Chesterfield a Chesterfield? It is primarily the leather material combined with deep buttons. In other countries the term is more loosely applied to any sofa or settee in general. Strictly speaking the arms and back of a Chesterfield should be of the same height, but nowadays this is more flexible and the back of the sofa can be higher than the arms.
Why would one want to purchase a traditional leather sofa? With so many other modern designs the choice may seem old fashioned or quaint. It really comes down to personal taste. Maybe you are a traditional type of person, or a part of your home simply needs that classic touch. In older buildings traditional furniture is needed to maintain the correct look and feel of a room.
Another reason is comfort. These days leather sofas can be made with a variety of fillings, making them a pleasure to sit down and relax on.
Perhaps the sofa is not for your home, but for your business. Do you need to project a “we are part of the trusted establishment” image to the world? If so then a Chesterfield would be just the sofa you need.
Traditional Leather Sofas – The Classic Chesterfield in Brown

So once you have opted to buy a traditional leather sofa, what follows is to think about is colour. Gone are the days when one was restricted to brown, although there is no doubt that brown is a great choice for a “traditional” traditional sofa. Don’t forget that brown leather comes in many shades that can match a variety of settings. Because it is a natural product, every single piece of leather takes on its own unique pattern (similarly to wood for example – as every tree is different). So don’t dismiss beautiful brown too quickly.
However, apart from brown there is black, red, green and many more. You can always specify what colour you want. In addition, you can always choose your own upholstery if you so desire, just in case leather is not for you. Take a look at the Velvet Chesterfields for something truly unique!
The sofas in this category do not just come in one type of Chesterfield. There are several brands to consider purchasing, and they are constructed lots of different of sizes. As well as sofas we have armchairs and traditional footstools as well.