Brand New Sofa Video

Following our post on “What Sort of Sofa Person Are You?” we made a little video to go with it. It’s called compare sofa prices, which is what our site is all about.

It shows some of the styles of sofa that people like – cosy, practical, traditional, designer and so on. It also shows some of the types of sofa that can be found on our site (leather, fabric, corner sofas, recliners, sofa beds and so on). We hope you like it 🙂

Here is a quick 5 step guide that goes with the Sofa Video to help you use our site and find that ideal sofa.

Step 1. Choose your budget. This is an easy step as you know how much money you have to spend. Use the price slider to set the maximum and minimum. You can also type the amounts in the boxes and set them by pressing the tab key. You can go directly to our budget sofas here.

Step 2. Decide on size. Another easy step as it should be fairly clear whether you need an extra large, large, medium or small sofa or sofa bed. Sectional sofas and some corner units can be modular so you can set the size by the number of sections.

The two steps above are practical, there is not a huge amount of choice or decision making to be done. You know your own budget and you know what your sofa is for so you know the size already. The next steps are a lot more fun!

Step 3. This part is where your personal preferences come in. Choose a colour. If you haven’t already, see our page on colour selection for some advice. Natural tones and neutral hues are reasonably safe and will look superb in many settings. If you are feeling funky or need something lively you can go for brighter shades.

Step 4. Interchangeable with step 3 you’ll want to decide on covering material. Fabric is soft, versatile and available in lots of colours and patterns. Leather is stylish, luxurious and very durable. This can a tricky choice as each material had many pros going for it.

Step 5. Style. The most important step. What does new sofa actually look like? If you are out to impress, for example you have a new waiting area in your offices then perhaps you’ll be after a designer sofa if your type of business is modern and trendy. If you are establishment, then a traditional type would be more apt. In the home, many people go for a contemporary style. You can get a good idea of the differences by browsing through our categories and out information page on sofa brands.