Reclining Sofas

Why a Recliner?

One of life’s greatest pleasures is coming home after a hard day at work and sitting back in your favourite reclining sofa or armchair. As you ease back and you put your feet up you let out a sigh of satisfaction as the stresses of the day fade into the background and you relax. With a cup of tea, a beer, a glass of wine or whatever you happen to be in the mood for – there is just something special about sitting in a reclining sofa.
Recliners come as single seater armchairs, 2 or 3 seaters, in fabric or leather. For extra luxury and comfort some recliners are operated electrically. and some can also rotate (swivel) on the spot. For watching TV and movies reclining sofas are perhaps the ultimate seating. But also they serve as excellent places to read, take a nap or sleep. As a single armchair or sofa the recliner can easily be grouped to form a 3 piece suite.

Deciding on which particular recliner sofa for your needs can be a bit tricky. Because they have moving parts the technical aspects come into consideration, and if one has back problems it is very important to make the correct choice.  The decision to go with a manual or electric is to some extent a financial one, with electric recliners generally being the more expensive option. But if one is of impaired mobility or has a medical condition then the electric powered recliner may be the only viable option. 
If everyone in the family really wants the option to recline then there is always the possibility of a whole reclining 3 piece suite.

Options with Reclining Sofas

In terms of upholstery there are options in leather and fabric and a range of colours are available, with black and brown being more standard. If you can’t see the colour you desire then make enquires as more often than not specific requirements can be catered for.  A good place to start is either light colours (white, cream, ivory) or dark (black, brown). Once decided begin to narrow it down, taking into account the rest of the room, how much space you have and so on.
When it comes to design in recliner sofas, comfort often trumps looks, so its usually a case of “substance over style”. Having said that, a reclining armchair is often a very individual piece of furniture, and their owners can get a little possessive (and who can blame them?)
There are many excellent reclining sofas and armchairs to choose from in our database, all from the best online retailers. Happy shopping!
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