Search for Sofas

We have added a new Search for Sofas tool to the website to allow for direct searching of the sofa database. It looks like a standard search box, with a text area and a submit button. It works by looking for all the words typed into the search box that appear in the product name. This facility is helpful when looking for sofas by colour, because many retailers like to give their furniture snazzy colour names that make it hard for our database to sort out easily. For example “dark red” could be “wine”, “burgundy”, “deep plum” and so on.

In some cases there may be many results, so it might take a little while for them to load. The default output format is detailed view, and if you desire you can select individual sofas using the checkboxes and hit compare selected for a direct comparison on a new page. You will need to enter at least 3 letters for the sofa search engine to work, and there is no need to enter unusual characters or symbols – sofa names don’t contain any.

The search for sofas program is also useful if you are looking for a specific sofa brand – just type in the words (in any order – it does not matter) and click the button. If it’s in the database it will show up.

To access the sofa search page find it on the main menu or on the footer menu. We have listed some examples on the sofa search page to help you get started.

You can find the sofa search page right here and best of luck in finding your dream sofa!