Small Sofas

On this page you can compare small sofas which includes our fantastic range of 2 and 2.5 seaters. These types of sofas are ideal for the smaller space, or as part of a 3 piece suite or possibly a larger set of furniture. We have many lovely designs and styles to choose from, and all are supplied by the very best online retailers in the country.
When choosing a 2 seater, one of the first things to consider is do you prefer leather or fabric upholstery? Leather is super-easy to clean, long lasting, always in fashion, fresh looking and opulent. It works perfectly in both traditional designs of sofa and in modern styles. Leather is always a great all round choice for a 2 seater sofa. You can find all of our small leather sofas here.

Fabric sofas are cosy, comfortable and welcoming. They are also easy to clean with removable and reversible covers. Modern microfibre fabrics are very durable and made to last. Fabric too can be used in traditional styles or contemporary designs. In the end it comes down to personal preference. Our lovely range of small fabric sofas is right here.
After deciding on upholstery, you can look at other design features. Would you like a wooden frame or metal? What about arms – curved, round, square or none at all? What about legs or feet – long and elegant, round, square or short? How about a high back or low back? All of these factors combine to give your 2 seater sofa its style and overall impression. These aspects determine whether the sofa is modern, retro, traditional or designer. Depending on your goals and tastes you can narrow your choices down to a shortlist.
Of course colour is very important too. Our article on choosing a colour for your sofa gives some guidelines on this area. In general neutral tones like cream and beige will work with almost anything. Vibrant colours like oranges and bright greens suit young funky people. More traditional blues, browns and blacks give a more conservative feel.
More Information on Small Sofas
2 seater reclining sofas are popular for lounging back with your partner or friends and ideal for putting your feet up in front of the TV.  2 seater sofa beds are a good option if space is limited and you have occasional guests staying over for the night. However, the 2.5 seater sofa bed is a more common size in this respect.
Budget is another factor. Our range has prices to suit all pockets. You can use the price range boxes at the top left of the page to narrow down your search. Simply click on your price range to select. The lower end of the budget range includes retailers like Nabru. Mid-range suppliers are companies such as and Furniture 123. At the top end try Darlings of Chelsea and Multiyork Furniture. The good news is that all of our merchants on this site supply quality furniture regardless of cost.
Whatever your tastes and budget, you are sure to find your ideal product right here at the best place to compare sofa prices online.