Sofa Accessories

Footstools, Foot Rests and Ottomans – Sofa Accessories for your feet

Putting one’s feet up is one of the simple pleasures in life. A footstool, foot rest or ottoman is perfect for doing just that. Placed in front or your sofa or armchair it not only is a practical addition but it enhances the look and feel of your suite too, and adds a sense of completion. Made in fabric or leather you can buy a matching footstool, footrest or ottoman, or you can get one as a standalone piece if you already have your new sofa or chair. For very handy storage some have a seat that can be lifted up like a lid to place things inside. If you run out of normal seating they can make an impromptu place to sit, and they can also serve as a small table to put a tray of nibbles and drinks on. Overall they are versatile and useful in many ways and well worth buying.


What is a sofa without some lovely cushions to go with it? Without them a sofa can look naked, and as well as enhancing the looks they function as pillows as well. Just when you are ready to take a nap or when you fancy a lie down you reach for those lovely soft cushions! If you need to you can prop up your back, put them on the floor as a makeshift foot rest or sit on them if all the other seats are taken. Basically a good set of cushions are a must for any suite.


Consider a throw for your sofa. Its always there for when you want to have a quick snooze or cuddle up with a loved one. They add a look of  welcoming comfort to any 3 piece suite, and they double up as a light spare blanket if you need one.