Sofa Brands

The brand of sofa is the distinct type that separates it from other types. If you can imagine all the different ways a sofa can be put together, then you can see that there are many possibilities.

Morellia Brand Corner Sofa

If you have a specific brand of sofa in mind you can use the search site function at the top of the page to find it directly. If you have trouble finding it please do drop us a line using the form on our contact page and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our review section (see main menu) contains reviews of various brands, so you may want to go take a look.
Description of Sofa Brands

Trieste Brand 2 Seater With Manual Recliners

Starting from the bottom, there is the design of the legs or base, and the frame construction material (usually wood or metal). Sofas can have a high or low back, armrests or no armrests. They can have a square or oblong style, or have a more rounded shape. They can be chunky or simple. Some are very Italian in looks, others traditional (like a Chesterfield for example) or contemporary (modern). On this page we have a selection of some of the top sofa brand names available. There are also the myriad of coverings, such as leather or fabric and in a whole range of colours. The specific combination of all of these features are what constitutes the sofa brand to make it unique and special. The process of tanning animal hides is very interesting and you can read more about how leather is made here.

Tubby Sofa Brand

The sofa brands we have reflect the quality of products available from our retailers. These suppliers offer the very best furniture and accessories in the country, and are among the elite and most trusted in terms of shopping online. Interested in how sofas came about? Read this facsinating article about the history of the sofa.
Our retailers form the very backbone of sofa supply and manufacture and include Darlings of Chelsea, Multiyork Furniture,, Nabru, Laura Ashley, John Lewis and The Sofa Company. By using this site you can compare sofas from these retailers side by side, allowing you to directly choose the best colour, design and brand at the price range you specify (see the price slider on each page).

William Comfy Brand Chesterfield

We have so many different brands on this site its really impossible to list them all here on a single page. Browse through our selection to get some ideas. We have hundreds of excellent quality brands and over 1000 individual products from the best online retailers in the country. Our goal is make it easy to compare sofa prices online and help you find your perfect item.
These include 2 and 3 seater sofas, sofa beds, corner sofas and recliner sofas in both leather and fabric. Whatever your need, be it for the living room, lounge, study, office, reception or waiting area you are sure to find your ideal seating needs here.

Lyon Brand In Windermere Natural Fabric