Sofas for Students

Welcome to our snappy guide for students who find themselves embarking on the task of buying a new sofa online. This guide also is for parents whom may be helping out their grown up children by purchasing that sofa for them. We list 7 tips that come into play as one begins to weigh up the pros and cons of all the different sofas available. Hopefully this article will help you narrow it down.

The best sofas for students will address the following 7 factors:
1. Cheap. Seems obvious but worth mentioning. If the students are all mucking in to make the purchase, then an inexpensive sofa is probably high on the agenda. See our SALE page for voucher codes and the latest bargains and our category on sofas for less than £300.
2. Easy to clean. What do students tend to get up to? Well “not very much” you might be tempted to say, but the truth is that besides study, young people at University like to socialise. Much of the activity takes place in the living room and hence centers around the sofa and armchairs. Ideally the sofa will be resistant to beer (especially in the all-male household) and other drinks such as wine and sodas. When students get around to the cleaning (say, once a year in the all guys pad) they don’t want to spend too long doing it. Whilst there is no such thing as a “party proof” sofa – accidents will invariably happen.

3. Delivery option. Not that many students have the luxury of owning a car, let alone a large enough van to transport a large item of furniture. Either they go and rent one, try to borrow one, beg their parents for help or, take the path of least resistance and get the sofa delivered. The retailers will either charge or have a free delivery option available. Remember to check before purchase.
4. Durable. Not at the top of the list, since students are at University for about 3 years, so the sofa does not have to be one that lasts – but you don’t want it falling to bits after 6 months either. In addition, some courses are longer – up to 5 years, so durability is an issue that some students will encounter. Consider faux leather sofas from The Sofa Company.
5. Comfort. Coming home late from a gig or a club (or the library!) to a hard, lumpy thing that is too small is not the most enjoyable of things to endure. Students do need to relax, and having a nice comfy sofa to unwind on is essential. One of the most pleasant to sit items available is a corner sofa – see corner sofas for under £500 for more ideas.

6. Style. Having the latest ultra chic Italian made designer sofa of complete and utter coolness is not at the top of list for most students. But having something funky and functional and cheap all rolled together is not as impossible as you might think. With a little imagination and careful colour selection the average student can maintain a trendy image if they so desire. Think outside the box – don’t bother with browns (or whites!) and definitely not creams! Try greens, blues and/or yellows – or perhaps reds and maybe black. Consider a retro style or low cost designer style (yes they do exists!). Check out our review of designer and retro chic sofas from
7. Size. If its just you and your best friend in a smallish flat then having a gigantic sofa is obviously not ideal or practical. On the other hand if you are in a shared house of 5, then a little 2 seater simply won’t do either! Despite the fact some students may perhaps tend to pass out on a sofa rather than go to bed – a sofa bed is always a great item of furniture to have for the occasional guest. See our page on cheap sofa beds for less than £500.
We hope you found this article useful.