What Kind of Sofa Person Are You?

Practical, fashionable & comfortable – the 3 types of sofa person

Perhaps comfortable and cosy is your ideal sofa. If you use it for snuggling, watching TV, curled up reading a book or drinking tea while dunking biscuits, you are probably seeking a sofa that is built for comfort. You’ll be wanting softness, possibly fabric upholstery and lots of lovely tactile cushions.

Maybe comfort is not so important for you. If getting your living area looking just so, then getting the right colour, the perfect shaped legs, right height of back and arms, and the right contours and style to match the theme of your room will be paramount. Fashion, chic and modernity are important for you. You’ll possibly go for a designer sofa.

A practical sofa does its job. You may be looking for one that is easy to clean, doesn’t show the kids’ fingerprints (or footprints in some cases) and is large enough to seat all the family. Maybe you have pets that like to think they are human, and seat themselves on the 3 piece suite whenever it takes their fancy. That’s another reason to go for a practical functional sofa.

There is a good chance that you really want a bit of all 3 – a little comfort, style and practicality all mixed into one.

This site is designed to help you compare sofas online and guide you through the myriad of choices you must make before finally purchasing that brand new special lovely sofa!

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